Who am I?

Trisha Fisk farmed in the Hokianga in the northwest of New Zealand at the bottom of the world
for thirty years. But she has since retired to the Whangarei Heads area where the mountains and harbour provide a stunning back drop to her work and play.
Trisha trained as a journalist and studied art for two years with
The Learning Connexion in Wellington.

When she is not painting or writing she might be using her farming skills to create... wielding a chainsaw or an arc welder to build outdoor art and sculpture.She has taken part in several sculpture symposiums throughout New Zealand.

I really love sculpture for bringing together the rewards of my years of farming, the practical skills it taught me, with my more creative side.

She says: "I believe art should be uplifting to look at. If you are going to live with something on your
wall or in the garden, it needs to brighten up your day either with its colours, or subject. It should make a statement that warms your soul rather than depresses it.

I especially love colour. Colour can have a powerful influence on our wellbeing. I like colours that say
Hey look at me, and Hey have a bright interesting day. I also like to stretch how we consider colour and
may radically alter tones away from the real but do it in a way that gives a pleasing but
surprising result in the painting as a whole.."

"Above all, art should be beautiful."

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